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About the Library

The Patrick Henry Digital Library is an ongoing project that began in 2014 with funding from the Jessie Ball duPont Foundation. Work is not complete on the site and users should consult document transcriptions and annotation in the Patrick Henry Digital Edition with this in mind. The objective is to provide preliminary access to the inventory of Patrick Henry Documents, which are accompanied by some transcriptions and digitized manuscripts. Much work remains to be done before this can be considered an authoritative edition of Henry's works. That work will commence once additional funding is obtained.

The library is comprised of four parts. The first part is the Patrick Henry Digital Edition, which upon completion will be the first comprehensive scholarly edition of the known writings of Patrick Henry and will include all of his incoming and outgoing correspondence. Currently, as noted above, many documents do not have manuscripts or transcriptions, much less annotation. The second part is Patrick Henry's Library which is a collection of book titles that Henry was known to have owned at one time in his life. The third part is Books about Patrick Henry. Here you will find fully searchable digitized books devoted to Patrick Henry's life and his writings. In many cases there is overlap between this collection and the Patrick Henry Digital Library. The fourth and final part is Museum Collections, which presents objects from Patrick Henry's home at Red Hill and that are now owned by the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation. The overall objective of the Patrick Henry Digital Library is to connect related objects across these four collections in order to provide users a more comprehensive look at what Patrick Henry wrote, read, and used in his daily life, and the works written about him since his death in 1799.