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Patrick Henry to William Marshall Booker, October 31, 1797

Sir. Octor. 31st. 1797—

As I have now got some [money I am?] willing to buy the Land [at the Seven Islands?] if you will make me a [Deed and your bro]ther will join with you in [the warranty?] & let me have it reason[ably.]

I will also [hire the Negroes as?] they are desirous to stay [together and not be?] parted, & I will use [them well?]

I refer [you to the Bearer?] Mr Deerman [for particulars?]. & am [Sir Yr ob svt?]

[P. Henry]

Patrick Henry National Memorial at Red Hill. Addressed "Wm Marshall Booker Amelia."

William Marshall Booker, along with his wife, Elizabeth Booker, and his brother, John Booker, sold the approximately 1,400-acre estate of Seven Islands to Patrick Henry in 1797. Sale of this land appears to have been driven by debts incurred by William M. Booker's father, Richard Booker. Patrick Henry had other dealings with William M. Booker, transacting with him in livestock, slaves, and tobacco, often through the assistance of James Townes of Amelia County, Virginia. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-27]); Genealogy Trails, History of Halifax County, Virginia ([accessed: 2016-05-27]); Stanton Scenic River Tour: Seven Islands ( [accessed: 2016-05-27]).

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