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Sarah Henry to William Winston, February 23, 1758

[My] Dear Brother February 23d 1758

I have been uneasy Lately that we had the Pleasure of a Visit from you and that I did not gett an opportunity of a Private Chat with you both with Rct to Spiritual and Temporal things for alas I ten much Perplexed in my mind and our Circumstances are at [this time] very dificult which I dont doubt you hear of—and I Cant but be much Taken up in my mind how to do Justice to my Dear family and also to our Creditors but I hope and Trust in the Lord that He will order all things for the best and am Daily Endeavouring to Lay hold on the many Precious that our Gracious God hath Scatterd all through this and Especially that all things Shall work together for good to them Love him, oh that I [was] one of them that Love the Lord with all my heart Soul Strength and [mind] then [how secure] should I Go with Respect to mys[elf] and Even my Children, tho I [beleive that there] are few in the world of my age and Station that [the] World has fewer Charms for that when I look from Lord next month of a further I am your


Patrick Henry National Memorial at Red Hill.

Sarah Winston Syme Henry was the mother of Patrick Henry. She was first married to Colonel John Syme, Jr., with whom she had a son. After Colonel Syme's death in 1732, Sarah married Colonel John Henry, a Scottish immigrant. They were married on October 7, 1732 and had eleven children together, nine of which lived beyond childhood. Sarah was born anywhere from 1696-1910 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died November 22, 1784 in Amherst County, Virginia. Sarah Dabney (Winston) Henry (abt. 1696-1784) ( [accessed: 2016-05-30]).

William Winston was Patrick Henry's uncle on his mother's side.

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