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Dorothea Henry to Elizabeth Aylett, June, 1799

My Dr Betsey. [June, 1799]

I take up my pen but Alass, Alass, what have I to say but to wound A Minde Already Sore

The Death of Your Dr and Amiable Sister Roane will be more Sencibly felt by you than any of her Friends Except her poor Husband and Chrildren1—My loss my Dr Betsey, Can never be repaire'd in this life. But Oh that I may be Enabled to Immitate the Virtues of Your Dr and Hond. Father; and that my latt[er] End may be like his—He met [Death with firmness] and in [full] Confidence that through the Merrits of A Bleeding Savour that his Sins would be pardone[d]

Oh, my Dr Betsey what a scene have I been Witness to. I wish the Grate Jefferson & all the Heroes of the Deistical party Could have Seen my Ever Dr & Hond. Husband Pay his last debt to Nature—

But I will not Enlarge on this mournfull Subject—I have 9 Sweet Dutyfull Children my Dr Sally is a grate Comfourt to me my Dr Kitty Can tell you how much I am Blesed in Mr Winston & Dolly I Shall send Patrick to P[r] Edward Colledge shortly—I trust he will be a protecttor to his little Brothers the Poor Dr Boy is much Affed. at his loss & I am shure to go right but he is at a Critical age your Dr Father used to Say his Name Sake Would make a Cleaver Man if he was properly mannaged. Kitty Can tell you all the little News of the Family—Write to me my Dr Betsey when I am to be so Blesed as to see you & all your Dr Family—I shall now take it a Double favour if you Can Come to see me I will send for your Sister Fontaine to meet you here give my love to Mr Aylette & Children and beleve me my Dr Betsey your Ever Affate Mother

D Henry

Patrick Henry National Memorial at Red Hill.

Patrick Henry married his second wife, Dorothea Dandridge, on October 25, 1777. Dorothea was born on September 25, 1755 (or 1757) and died on February 14, 1831 at Seven Islands, Patrick Henry's Halifax County, Virginia, estate. Patrick and Dorothea had 11 children together. After Patrick Henry's death in 1799, Dorothea married Judge Edmund Winston, first cousin to Patrick Henry. Dorothea's final resting place is at Red Hill beside Patrick Henry, though she was initially buried at Seven Islands due to inclement weather. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-27])

Elizabeth (Betsey) Aylett was Patrick Henry's fifth child and third daughter with his first wife Sarah Shelton. Elizabeth was born in Hanover County, Virginia on April 23, 1769, and she died on September 4, 1842 in King William County, Virginia, at the home of her daughter Sarah Shelton. Elizabeth married Philip Aylett on October 12, 1786, and together they had thirteen children, eleven of which Betsey would outlive. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-30])

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