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Dorothea Henry to James Townes, August 2, 1799

Sir Red Hill August 2d 1799

I recieved yours of the 19th of Last mounth, Relating to the Ballance due for the Seven Islands

Mr Henry did not think him self Liable for McNiel's Bond unless in the Case of his Insolvency, and it is only from what I heard him say on the Subject that I am enabled to form any Judgment of what I ought to do on this Occasion

That Debt however is in such a Situation, that I suppose there is no Doubt it may be recovered Sooner then I Could raise the money for the Funds in my hands for this year are quite Exhausted, The Notice on the Delivery Bond will be in the Name of Dorothea Henry[,] Edmund Winston, and Georg D Winston, the Acting Exers; and you will be pleased to sign our Names to the Notice; which it is not in my power to have drawn, as I have not the Bond nor do I know the Security Any thing necesary for the Speedy Recovery of this money, which Depends on me shall be done on your Request

I am Sir your Obedient Servt.

D Henry

Patrick Henry National Memorial at Red Hill.

Patrick Henry married his second wife, Dorothea Dandridge, on October 25, 1777. Dorothea was born on September 25, 1755 (or 1757) and died on February 14, 1831 at Seven Islands, Patrick Henry's Halifax County, Virginia, estate. Patrick and Dorothea had 11 children together. After Patrick Henry's death in 1799, Dorothea married Judge Edmund Winston, first cousin to Patrick Henry. Dorothea's final resting place is at Red Hill beside Patrick Henry, though she was initially buried at Seven Islands due to inclement weather. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-27])

James Townes served as an intermediary for Patrick Henry's 1797 purchase of Seven Islands in Halifax County, Virginia, from John Booker, William Marshall Booker, and William's wife Elizabeth, who sold the property to recover debts. Townes was also involved in other business between Henry and William M. Booker, including transactions in crops, livestock, and slaves. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-27]); Genealogy Trails, History of Halifax County, Virginia ( [accessed: 2016-05-27]); Stanton Scenic River Tour: Seven Islands ( [accessed: 2016-05-27]).

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