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Edward Henry to Patrick Henry Fontaine, September 3, 1792

Tinker Hill, Sepbr. th3d. 1792

In consequence not only, of a promise of writing, but that of sincerely wishing to hear from you and the Dr. Family I have now for the first time since [Sandy Stewart] was here, that satisfaction of writing which is not small I do assure you.

At last my leg has entirely cured up, and I am fully recoverd which circumstance I suppose will induce you to expect a compliance from me before very long, of the promise I made of visiting you some time soon, this I will do so soon of Blackstone and some other [will put it] my power, which I hope will be in six or eight Weeks at farthest, which is the time, in which I hope to qualify myself for a practicing Attorney—Since [Sandy] was here I have been on [Bos]ton, where the People are the greatest Fanaticks, and the most anxiously concerned in order to get to a better World, than any I have ever met with before in my [intercourse] with the World, they not long since most had persuaded Cousin Sally Campbell to fall in to the like Inthusiasm, [tho] I am hopefull they will [not] be able to perfect their des in that partic[ular, which] they may meet with in others, She will be here before long, when matters will be decided finally one way or the ot[her] whether the scale of fortune will turn in my fav[or] I am not at present able to determine, though I think it doubtfull—I would have written to your Dr. M but for the want of time, as it is by a traveling ma[n] by whom I write, though I wish to be affectionatly remembered to her and the rest of my Dr. Family, and also remember me to Mr. [Wm.] Jennings, and all my acquaintances that you may see that in your quarter of the World, I am Dr. Patrick with Esteem Yr. [ever] Affectionate Uncle &c.

Edwd. Henry.

Patrick Henry National Memorial at Red Hill.

Edward (Neddy) Henry was born in Scotchtown, Virginia, in 1771. He was Patrick Henry's sixth child, and third son, the last child Patrick Henry would have with his first wife Sarah Shelton, who passed away when Neddy was about four years old. Edward died at the age of 23, at Winton in New Glasgow, Virginia, on October 28, 1794. He was unmarried at the time of his death, and had just passed the bar. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-25]).

Colonel Patrick Henry Fontaine, Patrick Henry's eldest grandchild, was born in 1775 to Martha (Patsey) Fontaine, Patrick Henry's eldest child, and John Fontaine. Patrick Henry Fontaine spent his youth at the Leatherwood plantation in Henry County, Virginia, where he married Nancy Miller and began a family. The Fontaine family later moved to Mississippi, where Patrick established his own plantation, Ridgeway, in Pontotoc County. Colonel Fontaine died in 1852. Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation, Red Hill ( [accessed: 2016-05-25]). Pontotoc County, Mississippi Genealogy and History, Chapter VI: Antebellum Days ( [accessed: 2016-05-31]).

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