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Patrick Henry to Thomas Reade, May 10, 1799

Dear sir— Red—hill May 10th 1799

Your Favor covering the patent for the disputed Land, my copy formerly sent by Colo Watkins & the proposed Deed to me for the Land --This Deed I now send herewith agreeing to accept it on the Terms you mention to me, viz. 637 Dollars for that Number of Acres, equal to [poundsign] 191.2--payable 25th Day of June 1800--I was to have sent my Bond herewith, but I can't get [word] Paper--In the [word], this Letters shall oblige me, my Heirs do &c [word] such Bond soon as proper Paper is to be got & to pay the Money as above--Please to dismiss my Suit agt you on my last.

At my late Season of life Litigation is indeed painfull--And if you suppose any other motive actuates me in accomodating this Suit, I assure you it is a mistake; for I say it on my Honor as my Opinion, on the Papers filed, I could [word] the Land--But I must own my self subject to those prejudices which blind the Judgement where self Interest is concerned. I should not have said any thing on this part of the Subject but for [word] Observation respecting my View in bringing the Suit--I wish however to bury the whole Affair in oblivion, & to pay for it as above according to your Terms handed me, & in accepting of this accomodation, I wish to be considered as if no Suit had ever existed between us, & to remain

Dr sir yr Friend & Servant P. Henry

Privately owned. Addressed to Colo Thomas Reade / Charlotte.

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